Manager, locatie Miami, USA

The client operates a shipping line from Miami, Fla. To Haiti. Shipments consist of breakbulk, cars, bags, home appliances, containers, etc. The line exists for about two years, and although the volume is sizeable, the execution is inefficient. Since earlier in 2018 client  took over the management. A lot of things have improved already, but efficiency should be improved considerably to make the business profitable.


Brief description of the job:
- Overall manager for the shipping line between Miami and Haiti.
- To live and work in Miami USA, the office is at the shipping terminal at 3300 NW North River Drive, Miami Fl 33142.
- Visits to Haiti (once every month or two months)
- Accountable to the Owners of the business by means of reporting regularly.
- Leader a management team of 5 persons and another 10-20 workers in both Miami and Haiti.
- Main responsibility is operational and logistics.
- Work closely with the Captain and crew of the vessel.
- Although the main responsibility is not commercial there will be close operation with the commercial manager in order to make each trip profitable.


The priorities are:
1. Improve the organization at the terminal in Miami.
2. Create a pleasant working atmosphere in both Miami and Haiti.
3. Employ more and better workers for collecting cargo at the terminal and loading into the vessel.
4. Searching for better and quicker ways to load and discharge the vessel to achieve quicker round trips. Buy/rent the necessary equipment.
5. Keep close contact with the main cargo clients as the key to successful business.

- Experience as a manager of a shipping or production company
- Experience as team leader of a minimum of 5-10 people
- Able to speak and write English (French is very welcome)
- Experience in shipping is an advantage but not a must
- Friendly and respectable person.
- Creative and innovative.
- Good motivator for own team but also other teams.
- Diplomatic person, able to work with people of different culture (Americans, Haitians, Russians and Ukrainians)
- Good managing skills (act as responsible person, able to take decisions, oversee the total picture, pay attention to the right details, creatively searching for solutions, always busy thinking how to make the business more efficient and profitable).
- Able to work with most common software programs on computer, especially Excel.